If we ask a group of children what makes a picture book perfect, then most of them will certainly answer, “Illustrations” since illustrations are the most appealing element in children’s books. Now, if we talk about any particular style of illustration, let us inform you that there are lots of children’s book illustration styles, and every illustrator adds his/her own details and vision to those styles. And, this is exactly what makes those illustrations so special, and even some the iconic ones! However, together with the expert illustration designers of Eminence System – one of the best children’s book illustration company in Chicago, we shall describe the 5 main styles of illustrations that are suitable to apply to children’s picture books.

Cartoonish illustrations:

Perhaps, this is the very first style of illustration that comes to our minds if we talk about children’s book illustrations in Chicago. Note that the characters in this type of illustration often have exaggerated features and unnatural colours or traits that make them more relatable and understandable for kids.

Whacky illustrations:

Each and every character in this type of children’s book illustration always hold certain extremely exaggerated features and deliberately foolish facial expressions to catch the attention of the child readers.

Whimsical illustrations:

This particular pattern of children’s book illustration can be created in flashy colours or pastels and be perfectly detailed or quite schematic. Yet, what unites the illustration is the sense of magic and dreaminess they give to the characters. Remember that such illustrations are absolutely childish and carefree since they mainly depict some impossible situations like flying in the air by sitting on a carpet, talking to the trees and flowers, etc.

Stylized illustrations:

Note that this type of illustration is closer to that of whimsical illustrations yet, stylized ones are often a bit more schematic and have a very distinctive pattern of illustrations with certain geometric figures of prominent colours.

One-line illustrations:

Quite minimalistic and those line drawings are always black and wide that hardly have any shading or gradation in them while illustrating. Apparently, quite strict for children’s books, one-line illustrations actually draw children’s attention to the details, facial expressions, and poses of the characters, becoming even more informative than some colourful drawings.

In a nutshell, we would say that illustrations for children’s books are quite vivid and lively as childhood itself. With the expert illustration designers in Chicago, creatively made illustrations can breathe a soul into a story and help it become more relatable for child readers.

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