Illustrated book cover design schemes generally speak volumes to the audience about what they are about to read. Therefore, the importance of an Illustrated book cover design is simply immense to the bookworms of New York. However, it has already been seen that a nicely written and organized book has drastically failed to conquest the readers’ hearts because of its poor book cover design. So, in today’s blog, the expert illustration designers of Eminence System will be revealing the 3 most common mistakes done to make illustrated book cover designs. Read ahead!

Not having a budget for illustrated book cover designs:

If you are an author, our book is something you cherish creatively. You may have been writing it for years but do not shoot yourself in the foot by not having anything budget-wise in reserve for the cover of your book. Therefore, put aside a few hundred dollars if you want a professional book cover design. This is important because you have invested much time to write for your potential audience, and it is not only the words that have to speak. The book cover is what makes them pick up your book and what will stop them from putting it back down. Hence, do not ever underestimate its importance while setting your budget.

Using a wrong illustration just because it looks cool:

Enlighten yourself with the fact that using the wrong illustration for your book cover could leave your reader feeling misled or confused. Just because the cover of your book may be similar to a successful bestseller, it does not mean that it is also for you. However, it is anytime far better to be using strange yet appropriate illustrations rather than being a copycat in front of your audience. So, try using illustrations that are perfect and apt for the storyline or genre of your book.

Using an illustration found everywhere:

Did you know that there is a huge difference between using an illustration made by the expert illustration designers of New York and using a photograph downloaded over a thousand times from a stock image website? By using a stock image so widely distributed there is a point where you cannot dress it up anymore as a different image to make the book cover look fresh. Over-editing of randomly downloaded images just quickens the arrival of the point at which the art and beauty of the book cover become stale.

So, invest in hiring any of the expert illustration designers in New York to get creative illustrated book cover designs for your soon-to-be-published books.

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