Making unique and overall great character design illustrations is a pretty hard task. There is a lot that goes into character design illustrations. So, if you are interested in making custom character design illustrations in Chicago, give this blog a thorough read! Here are a few easy tips to help you make a character design illustration that is interesting and able to hold its own position out there.

1. Pay attention to the concept:

Do note that there should always be some kind of idea or concept behind your character design illustrations in Chicago. A concept will certainly make your character much more unique and original. However, do not worry as this part is fairly simple, and might be small if compared to other parts of character design. Without a particular concept, your character design illustration might be lost sometimes. This is because your whole design for character illustrations should be fixated on one strong idea or concept.

2. Colors are important too:

The colors on your character design illustrations are very much important for the overall piece of work. However, this can assist with the feel of your character and even enhance and alter other aspects of it, making the character illustrations more united and relevant. Your color selection for your character illustrations can also help reach out to your target audience. For example, if your character design needs to be friendly and is for kids only, use bright and vibrant colors primarily.

3. Try on simplicity:

Your character designs can be either absolutely simple or totally complex apparently. However, it is totally up to you. Yet, even the most complex character designs should be able to be built in a simple fashion and method. Along with that, you should also be able to tell what exactly is going on in your design by simply looking at it. If you look at your character design illustrations and cannot even tell what it is anymore, then it is time to simplify as much as you can for the convenience of the audience.

4. Focus on building its personality:

If you think that a character has no emotions and lacks any personality, you might be wrong. A character design’s facial features, color scheme, dressing style, hairstyle, and posture should all reflect its personality in front of the audience. For example, if you have to draw a really sad clown, make his posture really slouched and make his facial expressions really sad. So, you feel like you know the character the moment you look at it, you are doing it absolutely right.

However, if you still need some extra push, get in touch with the expert illustration designers who make creative Character Design Illustrations in Chicago.