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Your ultimate search for children book illustrations end here.

Eminence system has achieved great expertise to create children book illustrations, custom book cover illustrations, comic book illustrations and more. So, Check out our introductory video and acquire an idea of how we work.

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How we work?

Children’s Book

In the children book illustration, we create the characters according to the storyline. Through our illustrations, the characters become lively and absolutely eye-catching to the tiny readers. The entire color combination appears to be pleasing to the eyes. Because,Our goal is to create real-life imagery in front of the eyes of the children by our illustrations. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Eminence System, the best book illustration company.

Book Cover Design

We, adults indeed ‘do not judge a book by its cover’. But, in the case of children, they ‘do judge a book by its cover’ in reality. Because, Most children prefer a book that steals his/her attention among many. Hence, we design book cover creatively to grab the attention of the children. We, being the highly reviewed book illustration company, deliver our best effort to provide justice to the children’s books and make the covers super attractive. In addition, we put the summary of the book on the cover for a better understanding of the parents. Isn’t it like a cherry on the top?

Superhero Character

We all can see the craze of this new generation of children for superhero characters and we being experts at character design illustration create fresh superhero characters according to the requirements of the clients. Even we create eye-catching designs upon the Marvel or DC characters.

Tattoo Design

Along with creating illustrations for children’s books, we create illustrations for tattoos too. We create customized designs for tattoos according to the customers’ choice. Even if someone does not have any design idea in his/her mind, our experts suggest several tattoo designs for them along with specific themes and meaning.

Designs for t-shirts

Customized t-shirt designs

Have you got bored of plain t-shirts? We can turn your plain t-shirt into a happening one, and that too with your choice and demands. Yes, We create customized designs for t-shirts too. Even, we add impressive and captivating phrases or quotes on the t-shirts to make it a picaresque one. Camouflage and graffiti designs are also available to us. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us asap if you are searching for customized t-shirt designs for you or your whole gang.

Comic books illustrations

If you run a company of children comic books and want to publish your stories with the appropriate illustrations that make justice to your stories and characters, do not hesitate to contact us for having the best service for comic books illustrations. Because, Our highly professional illustrators would create the exact illustration that you have already imagined in your mind for your characters and scenarios. Eminence System, the leading book illustration company would love to serve you as per your requirements.

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I enjoy working with Eminence System. They are very professional. They pay attention to detail and easy to communicate expectations. They’re a pleasure to work with. I will definitely hire them again real soon.


“Absolutely amazing. This was my first experience working with an illustrator and they had a lot of patience with me, and always wanted feedback. They did exactly what I asked for, and were so easy to communicate with. I highly recommend!”


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