Custom Book Cover Illustration

Custom book cover Illustrations

Eminence System has acquired great competence to create custom book cover illustrations for the kiddos. To know more about us, check our intro video and get an idea of how we work.

Book Cover Design

Together with creating illustrations for the children’s books, Eminence System is expert enough to design the custom book cover illustrations according to the contents of the books. We believe that tiny readers get attracted to the cover as soon as they notice a book. Hence, we create appropriate and striking designs for book covers to make them more appealing to the children.

What do we do?

  • Make layouts for the book covers.

  • Add the title of the book and the name of the writer.

  • Put the summary of the content at the back of the cover.

  • We design book covers for both online and offline publishing.

You can publish your book with the cover that is designed by us both online and offline as a hardcopy or paperback form.

Custom Book Cover Illustration

Why do custom book cover illustrations need a professional touch?

Since books have different genres, such as children’s books, comic books, coloring books, poetry, and rhymes books, the designs and the settings of these different books should be created accordingly. So, we make sure that the covers represent the essence of the books in such a way that makes the books look interesting and engrossing. For example, it can be said that the children like colors and they actually enjoy the things that are colorful. Hence, we use varieties of colors to portray the characters in a children’s book to make it more enchanting to the tiny readers.

The expert illustration designers of Eminence System fully focus on the book covers to make them appealing to the kiddos. At the same time, we strictly keep in mind to make those relevant enough. So, we apply appropriate amounts of colors to the appropriate areas of the books. We illustrate the characters and the scenarios solely from the book. In short, it can be said that Eminence System visually conveys the message that has been already interpreted by the writer inside the book.


  • Amazon KDP

  • Lulu

  • IngramSpark

  • Barnes and Noble Press

  • & others…

Types of Covers

  • Illustrative Covers

  • Children’s book covers

  • Comic Book Covers

  • Artistic Covers

  • and many more…

Details we need

  • Front Cover Page with background

  • Back Cover Page with background

  • Spine Width and No. of pages

  • Book Cover Size with bleed

Contact Us

All you need to do is to inform us of certain guidelines such as spine and bleed measurement. We can assure you to make the covers according to your given measurement so that the printing procedure may not have any sort of error. This makes the entire process of publishing easier for you. When you go to print a book and it does not have a proper spine and bleed measurement, it might easily cut the important parts of the book and make it uneven by size. We definitely would not want anything like this to happen to your books.

At Eminence System, we create custom book cover illustrations so apt and appropriate that our well-designed covers themselves enhance the sale of the books. We have also made layouts for Amazon KDP, Createspace, Ingramsparks, Bookbaby, and so many other book publishing platforms and got satisfying reviews from our clients.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us if you want your book covers to be super attractive to the customers. We charge a price rate cheaper and more affordable than the other custom book cover illustration agencies. If you do not find our work satisfying, we guarantee you your money back.