Apart from creativity, there are certain rules and regulations for making illustrations for children’s books. While expert and professional illustrators have been a pro by acquiring those norms, amateur illustrators make some mistakes more often. So, in today’s blog post, brought to you by the expert illustration designers of Eminence System, a reputable children’s book illustration company in New York, we are going to talk about the 3 most frequently made mistakes by amateur illustrators.

So, without much more rambling, here are the 3 revelations that are based on the lessons that you might learn as an amateur illustrator –

Starting your work by not looking at a bigger piece of work:

As you are not yet a pro at making illustrations for children’s books, you need to do thorough homework first by looking at the bigger pieces of work that are previously done by a genius. However, if you start illustrating by not looking at some previously done works, you may not get inspiration after a certain period of time and as a result, your illustrations may not be appropriate for a children’s book. So, get inspiration first, then start your work with your own imagination and creativity.

Not keeping calm and doing rough work:

Once you have an idea of the layout, now is the time to do the most exciting part — sketch out the drawings! We know that sometimes you may be absolutely terrified when it comes to doing this! Besides, some fears and negative thoughts may come to mind: what if I can’t do this? What if I am not good enough? And, that is when you need to kick off your procrastination and find yourself looking for hundreds of ways to distract yourself rather than tackling the project head-on. So, just trust the process, wait, observe, and do your roughs until you get satisfied.

Not being flexible:

When you are an illustrator, know that your flexibility is key! For example, if you have a rough plan in advance, you must make sure that you have as much flexibility in your work as it is possible. Being flexible while creating illustrations for children’s books will really pay you off when you would have to deal with several correction requests from the editor quickly. So, according to the expert illustration designers of New York, it is necessary to be flexible and patient for being a pro illustrator.

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