Making a tattoo means marking a permanent design on your body. Anyway, while some tattoos hold a certain cultural significance, many tattoo enthusiasts get body art for truly aesthetic or sentimental reasons. However, tattoos are an opportunity for people to creatively express themselves in front of the entire world. So, creating custom tattoo illustrations is a unique challenge for many illustrators. Note that tattoo designs also need to follow specific rules to look good in the long term. So, when talking with your clients about their ideal tattoos, make sure that you set expectations with them and explain your techniques and specialties for illustrating tattoo designs. Remember that creating a perfectly designed tattoo illustration will ensure that it looks beautiful for years to come. Let the Expert Illustration Designers of Eminence System, a reputed Children’s Book Illustration company in Chicago tell you what you need to consider while making illustrations for tattoos.

Light up your imagination:

Deciding what tattoo style you want to illustrate can be aided by random research. However, there are endless ways to see what other artists and designers are doing while making tattoo illustrations and how those customized designs are getting translated onto the skin of people. You can get started by exploring these examples –

Consider nature as a wonderful source of inspiration. Like, notice how an artist creates flower tattoos with a delicate, subtle design, while others use way bolder and darker linework to make a completely different take on a floral tattoo.

If your clients are looking to include words in the tattoo, keep appropriate typography and font in mind so that it suits the whole tattoo illustration.

Think about your client’s budget:

Though it is important to be inspired by a piece of art, it is also important to consider the budget of the tattoo. As a tattoo illustrator, your time is worth something. So, avoid designing a time-consuming, detailed piece if your client is having a small budget in hand. As a result, you might end up rushing the work and the final illustration will decline in quality that might be disliked by your client also.

Pick a proper size:

After your client chooses a location for the tattoo, it is your time to choose a size for the tattoo illustration. As an Expert Illustration Designer in Chicago, you need to keep in mind that a tattoo’s size and design affect the needles used and the speed of the tattoo machine as well. When choosing a size for the tattoo illustration, make sure that your client is well aware of how size can affect tattooing time, as well as the discomfort that comes with it while inking.

So, if you consider the size, location, and budget while making custom tattoo illustrations, you will soon be ready with your tattoo illustration.