There are a lot of tattoo enthusiasts who continue adding more tattoos on a whim without even giving it a second thought. But as the goal is to have a tattoo is for the long haul, one must consider some factors before going to a tattoo artist, especially those who have never set their feet in a tattoo shop before. Hence, it can often feel like a daunting task to decide on a design that you are going to bear on your body for the rest of your life. No clue where to start about certain considerations? Just do not worry! In this blog, penned by the expert illustration designers of Eminence System, we have rounded up a few failsafe tips to consider before committing to an ink option, that too permanently.

• Think why you want body art-

Before you directly go to a tattoo shop or to an artist, pause for some time, and think about why you want to make a tattoo on your own body. The reasons may be multiple. Such as, you might want to commemorate a certain memory or event by making a tattoo related to that on any of your body parts, or you might love having a tattoo as you are a great admirer of art and illustrations. Proceed further according to the reason behind your tattoo. Never let your tattoo feel unnecessary or trivial after a certain point in time.

• Determine the part where you want a tattoo-

Your tattoo should not put an effect on your day-to-day life. Because there are certain professions or places where tattoos are not warmly welcomed. Hence, select the body part where you want a tattoo wisely so that it can not hamper certain activities.

• Make a list of your favorite things while choosing the design-

Perhaps, choosing the ultimate design for a tattoo appears to be the most difficult task. Because there are so many options to make you amazed and confused at the same time. Hence, take a shortcut way and start making a list of your favorite things. They might be your favorite quote, lyric, image, or even a person, or a name. You can even ask for suggestions from your near and dear ones. In a nutshell, your tattoo design has to make you happy for the rest of your life.

• Consult a tattoo artist-

In the end, if you just cannot decide on the perfect design, do not worry. Take the time to find a custom tattoo illustrations artist and consult him/her about your worries and doubts. An expert tattoo artist will help you out for clearing all your queries and offer you optimal solutions.

We hope, this blog has helped you if you are a first-timer for inking custom tattoo illustrations.