Good illustrations indeed contribute a lot to making an appealing children’s book. But have you ever thought about what makes the best children’s book illustration? Well, this is quite a tricky question. There are a lot of children’s book illustration styles, and every artist incorporates their own details and vision in making great illustrations. It is exactly what makes illustrations so special, and some are ionic. However, there are certain styles and patterns that make illustrations special and even separate them into a special art form. Anyway, the expert illustration designers of Eminence System, a renowned Children’s Book Illustration company in Chicago will reveal the 4 main types of illustrations for children’s books.

What are the 4 types of illustrations that are apt for children’s books?

  • Cartoonish illustrations: Cartoonish illustrations are the first style that comes to mind when anyone talks about children’s book illustrations. Characters in this type of illustration often have exaggerated features and unnatural colors or traits that make them more relatable and understandable for kids. For example- an elephant wearing glasses, and human heroes having distinctive facial features like prominent big eyes or long limbs that highlight some of their character traits to the child readers.


  • Realistic illustrations: Unlike cartoonish illustrations, realistic illustrations are closer to natural proportions. These kinds of illustrations are usually used for books for older children (10-12 years) who can fully understand the written text, but still, need certain visual support to stimulate their attention to the book. Though the characters of realistic illustrations would be proportional, animals, for an instance, might still have some human mimics and facial expressions for making them more interesting to the readers.


  • One-line illustrations: One-line illustrations are pretty minimalistic. The line drawings are always made black and wide while they hardly have any shading in them. Apparently, a bit strict for children’s books but one-line illustrations are actually capable to draw a child’s attention to details, facial expressions, and poses. However, this type of illustration is even more informative than colorful pictures in a book.


  • Whimsical illustrations: Whimsical illustrations are usually done in flashy colors or pastels. They are sufficiently detailed or pretty schematic. The best thing about such illustrations is these drawings are quintessentially childish and carefree since they often depict impossible situations like flying on balloons or talking to flowers in a picture-perfect mode.


Apart from the above-discussed 4 types, there are so many other types of illustrations for children’s books. Children’s book illustrations are vivid in style and techniques. So, if you are looking for unique illustrations made by professionals that will fully reveal your vision and make the atmosphere of your book tangible and alive, get in touch with Eminence System, the highest-rated Custom Children Book Illustration company in Chicago.