More or less, we all know that it is an illustration that enhances the beauty of a book cover design. But did you know that there is another major thing that is highly responsive to make a book cover look interesting and appealing to the target audience? It is the selection of the proper and appropriate font style for the book cover design. Therefore, along with making good eye-popping illustrations, you must pay attention important to choosing the right font style for your book cover. We will tell you why! For that, read ahead to our latest blog and get a fabulous illustrated book cover design that boosts sales of your illustrated book in New York.

3 reasons why you cannot take it trivially while choosing the font for your illustrated book

A font style serves different valuable purposes for presenting an illustrated book in a better way –

  1. Provides a hint about the genre: The font style on your illustrated book cover design should always be according to the genre of the book. For example, if it is an illustrated children’s book, the font on the book cover should be childish so that the buyers can get to know the genre of that particular book. Similarly, if it is a book for young adults, the font style should be resolute and far-reaching. A majority of book buyers tend to purchase books by seeing the book covers only since not everyone invests time to open the book and know from which genre it actually belongs. Remember that, each and every genre has certain buzzwords their readers are conditioned to recognize.
  2. Let the buyers judge the quality of a book: Just like the illustrations that are made on the book cover, the font styles also create a huge impact on the buyers’ minds. We admit it or not, still there are a lot of people who indeed do judge a book by its cover. So, choosing the right font style helps a reader determine whether to purchase that book or not.
  3. Fonts are a vital tool for representing a book: When it is a decently presented book, people are bound to get attracted to that. So, to make a good outer appearance of a book, it is mandatory to select the most appropriate font style that makes justice to the book itself.

However, all the above mentioned points in the end boost the sales of your book. So, if you want an impressive book cover design that has both the right font style and eye-catching illustrations, get in touch with any reputed Children’s Book Illustration company in New York.