When a person determines to have a tattoo, the design he or she prefers has to be special. So, while illustrating for tattoos, the illustration should be created memorable, and eye-catching so that it can stand the test of time. So, while designing a tattoo illustration, an illustrator should take some time to consider some important points. In order to help you out, the most recommended Character Design Illustration company in Chicago shares three important lessons that expert illustration designers have learned about tattoo design over the years.

  • Keep the illustrations simple: When it comes to designing an illustration for inkling a tattoo, the foremost key point to consider is to keep the base of the illustration simple. Remember that, simple illustrations are always appreciated to be elegant. Another major thing to consider is that tattoos blur with the passage of time, so it’s important to make sure the line work has room to breathe and you never try to pack too many details into a small space or illustration.


  • Respect the tradition of tattoo illustration: Professional illustrators always prefer maintaining the tradition of tattoo illustration. Illustrations for tattoos are way different from that of children’s books, or t-shirts. People who opt for inking a tattoo, mostly prefer classic and timeless illustrations. This is because a tattoo is a lifetime partner of a human being. So, when inking a tattoo, it is good to ink a classic and timeless illustration or design and this is what we call the tradition of tattoo illustration.


  • Get bold and expressive with your tattoo illustrations: Famous tattoo illustrators all over the globe, tend to opine that when you are illustrating for a tattoo, the end result should be bold, striking, and make a statement for all. However, at the end of the day, an artwork should turn out to be a strong piece of design or illustration. Therefore, an illustrator should learn to try to strip back ideas into the bare essentials and always have a focused eye on the end result being bold, eye-catching, and cool-looking, especially for tattoos.


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