Character designing is all about the result of good planning, visual storytelling, choices, and artistic skills of an expert illustrator designer. Henceforth, character design might appear harder sometimes. However, character design illustration is a fairly old practice for illustrators. And, this blog shares some of the common tips and workflows that can guide aspiring designers from concept to finished artwork. Give it a read in order to get an ultimate guide to provide specific character design tips and advice from professional designers who are experts at Eminence System, a reputed children book illustration company.

  • Research other characters-For making a character design illustration successful, research materials are very much important. For guidance, it can be helpful to try and reconstruct certain character designs. One can even research from the TV commercials, cereal boxes, shop signs, stickers on fruit, animations on mobile phones, and something more.
  • Do not get distracted from the original idea– After doing some research works, it is true that subconsciously our favourite designs influence us deeply. But a character designer should never go with the flow when a particular work starts to dominate the mind. Rather, he/she must make character illustrations in a completely different and innovative way that will make the audience awestruck.
  • Manifest who the character design is aimed at– We need to understand the target audience first and then start making a character design illustration. Are you thinking about how it matters? Well, let us tell you every age group has its own preferences. The type of cartoon or superhero characters the kid groups like, will not certainly be so appealing to the adult age groups. Hence, understanding the audience’s preference is very much important when it comes to making character designs.
  • Keep the design simple– Though character designs sometimes require a certain note of exaggeration, the importance of simplicity cannot be denied. An illustrator must try to simplify the character design as much as possible. This is because simple designs are always easy to communicate with, especially if the target audience is kids.

Evaluating the above-mentioned points, we can come to the point that making a character design illustration is not everyone’s cup of tea. There requires a lot of planning, expertise, and moreover dedication to the character portrayal. Look for an expert illustrator designer if you are to make character designs for certain purposes.