Creating illustrations for children’s books is a bit tricky. While considering illustrations for children’s books, a lot of points should be kept in mind. Such as the age group for the book, the number of illustrations you need in your book, and most importantly, the types and styles of the illustrations suited for that particular age group of children. So, in this blog penned by the expert illustration designers of Chicago, let’s get right into answering your big question- what are the types of illustrations for children’s books, and which type is appropriate for your book!

Deciding the type of illustration you want in your book is quite vital since it will make an impact on the overall look and feel of the book.

There are mainly four eminent types of illustrations for children’s books.

Spot illustrations

Spot illustrations are usually small and simple illustrations to liven up a page of a children’s book with text. These illustrations are kept as a chapter heading, corner decoration, or next to or within the body of a text. These are done mainly in black and white with a sketchy form. Spot illustrations are generally a quarter of a page or even less with little or completely no background.

Half-page illustrations

Just as the name suggests, this is a type of illustration that only fills half a page. Because of its smaller size, this type of illustration will be less detailed than full-page illustrations.

  • Single page illustrations

These illustrations are done covering up a whole page. Since it engulfs a full page, the illustrations are made with detailed information. A reader becomes engaged while looking at a single-page illustration to find out each and every minute detail.

  • Spread illustrations

These types of illustrations are spread across two full pages. The double-page spread illustrations indeed make a children’s book look extremely enchanting and the readers do not even feel boring while reading the book. Spread illustrations give a refreshing feeling after lengthy textual interpretations.

How would you choose illustrations for your book?

Being a reputed children book illustration company in Chicago, we can suggest that if you are making a picture book and if your budget permits, you should go for spread illustrations for the whole book. And, if your budget does not allow it, take as many spreads and single-page illustrations as you can. You can even make your book look eye-catching by mixing up different types of illustrations throughout.