Making good illustrations for children’s books is obligatory as children mainly focus on the illustrated pictures instead of the plain texts of the books. The more beautiful and attractive the illustrations will be, the more children will get magnetized to the books. Hence, publishers of children’s books put much attention on hiring the best book illustration company in order the own the beautiful most children’s book illustrations and attract the child readers. If you are also a publisher who wants to have eye-popping illustrations, have a look at the overall process of making illustrations for children’s books. Because illustrating for children’s books is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Here we will be discussing 5 major steps in the process of making children’s books illustrations-

1. Gathering modern and stylish inspiration:

No matter how successful and how much experienced an illustrator is, he/she has to be updated with the modern style and techniques of illustrations. Because children of this generation are quite different from children 20 years ago. With this huge generation gap, the choice and preferences of this generation of kids have automatically changed. They will not like it if the illustrations are old school. Hence, an illustrator has to seek modern inspirations from current award-winning books for children so that he/she can picture things just as the children would love to watch.

2. Emphasizing character development:

Each and every character of the book should develop with the flow of the storyline. An illustrator makes the character development by creating different expressions and features. This makes consistency in the storyline and young readers get interested in reading the whole book.

3. Focusing on the storyboard:

Since children’s books contain only fewer texts and more images, the illustrations should have the ability to convey the storyline to the readers via their pictorial depictions. Hence, sticking to the main storyboard is much more important to create the most appropriate illustrations for the books.

4. Asking for honest feedbacks:

Professional illustrators mainly seek honest feedback from their clients as the clients are the ones whose reviews are important and ultimate. If the clients approve the artworks, that’s well and good. And if the clients want any further modification, a professional illustrator redraws illustrations based on critique. It may require several rounds of edits until the clients get full satisfaction with the artwork.

5. Combining the final artworks with texts:

After the approval when the illustrations are ready, they need to be combined with the texts. Here ends the entire process of making a children’s book ready to publish.

We hope this blog has helped you to understand how the entire process of children’s book illustrations work. If you are a publisher and currently searching for an efficient illustrator for character design illustrations, get in touch with the expert illustration designers of Eminence System, a renowned book illustration company.