Character design illustrations are a must in comic books. It helps the reader to visualize the story told in the book. Comic books are mostly designed for kids to help them enhance their brain development. It helps them visualize a scenario while reading about it.

Character design illustration is not an easy thing to do. It is more than the face value but rather the development of a character in a comic book. Just like an author make sure to describe each and every little detail of a character, similarly, a professional illustrator needs to do the same. The difference is one can do it by writing and the other needs to illustrate it. None of it is easy and building a character perfectly is essential for the story to be told properly.

Not only that, but you also need to build the character in such a way that is appealing to the viewer or the reader. For that, you will need to know who your readers are going to be and what kind of illustrations will appeal to them. There are several things to consider like the style, shapes, and silhouettes of a character before a character is designed. Drawing repeatedly and finding the perfect drawing for the character takes some time that says it will appeal to the readers.

Doing proper research on the story beforehand is quite important for building the character. The second thing to keep in mind is the environment. In order to make the story believable, you need to make sure that you illustrate a proper world for the character. Without the environment, the reader will not become interested in the comic books and your character design illustration will become a failure. Whether you create the character first or the environment first, in the end, these two are heavily dependent on each other.

In order to capture the attention of your readers, you need to keep in mind that the colors you are using are both visible and subtle. They should blend well with the environment and does not look out of place.

Therefore, if you are an illustrator or looking for an expert in character design illustration, make sure you know the importance of character design in a comic book. Otherwise, if the character is not built properly, then the story won’t be fulfilled and readers won’t become interested.