We have seen our favorite characters, like Superman or Pikachu. Have you noticed why they are so famous? Because of their design.

Good character design conceals the designer of character design illustration in Chicago and just leaves a distinctive persona in their mind.

However, outstanding characters don’t just appear; they are the result of careful preparation, inventive narrative, decision-making, and aesthetic ability.

In this blog, we will be learning all about it, so stay tuned.

All About Character Design

The process of creating characters begins with a character design concept by the Book Illustration Company.

Concept artists create original character and scenery designs by drafting several styles (or conceptions) of a fictitious universe.

Before settling on a final design, animators might present mock-ups to the art director and other creatives using concept art.

Characters with strong character development are likable and help attract viewers and advance the plot.

What are the techniques for character design?

Character designers need to have a thorough understanding of both the character and the tale they are creating.

Be sure to conduct research and solicit opinions before developing a character. Look into the actual world.

Examine well-known character designs or avail the best comic book illustration services in Chicago.

Examine the aesthetic appeal and ways that the character designs support the plot of your favorite characters.

Throughout the process, get input from the audience.

What are the steps?

  1. Creation of a concept

Concept art is a kind of illustration that includes character design. It involves conveying the creator’s idea to visualize ideas.

To do this, a strong character design is needed to make the idea a reality.

It is important to have a clear concept, even if you are only designing characters for your portfolio.

  1. Research should be done.

It might seem magical to create original characters.

After all, your mind is where your imagination originates, and your mind is influenced by your knowledge.

  1. Decide which tools are ideal for your project.

Tools, especially the right ones, are very important for your character designs.

Therefore, it is important to hire expert illustrators in Chicago.

Theoretically, drawing a character by hand is just as successful as drawing it on a computer.

Of course, personal choice is based on your own artistic experience.

  1. Begin with several thumbnails.

Thumbnails are little samples of pictures in the illustration field; thus, the concept is the same but the goal is different.

  1. The sketch should be finalized.

Just kidding, an additional drawing is required.

However, if you have the opportunity, it would be wise to take a break now.

By doing this, you’ll be able to relax and return to your thumbnails with new eyes.

  1. Deliver your character design.

By this time, you’ve essentially succeeded in designing a character.

Design is mainly about decisions and developing the concept; the majority of the hard work is already done.

The more realistic your design becomes, the more things you can see needing to be changed.

  1. Finish the project.

Your choice of colors might help the character’s desired mood stand out even more.

A quick and easy way to anchor your character in place and support the lighting is to also add a floor shadow.

And that’s all; you’re finished with it!

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Tips for character design

Character design concepts are produced by expert illustration designers in New York using drawings, digital paints, and other methods.

Given below are the tips:

  • Be aware of your target market:

The intricacy or simplicity of the character design will be influenced by the project’s target audience.

  • Recognize the form language:

Using fundamental forms to create characters is one of the fundamentals of character creation.

  • Examine the personality of the character:

Designing a distinctive character will be made easier if you are aware of your character’s identity, personality, aspirations, and history.

  • Play around with color:

The color palette of a character can also assist convey individuality.

  • Maintain simplicity:

By simply glancing at your character, readers may easily grasp who they are.


I hope this blog has helped you with learning the essential steps and considerations for creating impactful character designs in illustration and many more about it.

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