Designing children’s book cover is not that easy as it sounds, but some things are crucial that, if kept in mind, can help you design a cover that children will like. Children Book Illustrations should have attractive covers that can drag the children’s attention towards reading and understanding the Book Illustrations. If you want to design a children’s book cover, you should keep some instructions in mind so that Book Illustration can be made more interesting for kids.

Use simple names:
The first thing that you must keep in mind is that the Children Book name should be simple so that children can understand it easily. The easier the name of the book is, the easier the children will understand the genre of the book. So keep it as simple and descriptive as you can. Short but descriptive names will go better with the Children Book Illustrations. You can also choose a name from the characters of the Book Illustration and put it on the cover of the Children Book as the book name.

Font should be easy to read:
While designing children’s book cover, make sure that the font you are going to use for the headings and the text should be simple and easily understandable by children. If the font is complicated, it will not attract the children, and they would like to choose a book that they can read easily. We recommend you not to use fonts like Edwardian script and other fonts that are too fancy to read by the children. Keep it simple, and keep it elegant.

Colours to use:
Colours play an important role in making something attractive and attention-grabbing. So, when you are designing children, book colours, make sure that they are not too sharp. We will recommend you to choose the soft and pastel colours that look soft and not very sharp to irritate the eyes. Yellow, blue, green, pink and low shades of different colours will be a better choice for the Children Book cover designing.

Pictures on the cover:
When you are designing a Children Book Illustration cover, you should choose the pictures and graphics that depict the content written inside the book. Try to select the pictures that are relevant to the story written in the book, and it will make it easier for the children to understand what the book is about. You can also put a character of the story of Children Book Illustration on the cover. Moreover, it would help if you chose the picture according to the title of the book. Doing this will make it much simpler for kids to understand about the book.

Final words:
These are some guidelines that will help you while designing the best Children Book cover. If you keep these significant factors in mind, you are then more likely to design a cover that the kids will like. Hope these instructions help you in designing children’s book cover, use them in your job and make the covers more eye-capturing for kids!