If the design of a t-shirt is impressive, the owner of the t-shirt is going to wear it repeatedly. Therefore, designing for t-shirts needs concentration and the designer needs to follow some important doctrines to make a t-shirt design appealing in the end. There are a lot of people who still think that making illustrations for custom t-shirts is not an uphill struggle. But in general, the simplest designs sometimes need to avoid the most common mistakes to achieve that greatness. However, this blog, drafted by the experts who make customized t-shirt designs in New York will focus on some valuable tips based on their years of experience in making illustrations for custom t-shirts.

  • Avoid unnecessary complexity:

When you are making designs for t-shirts, it is always better if you avoid using weird angles and composition, and creating a chaotic mess in the design. Besides, the extravagance in shapes and lines and a lot of colours introduce over-complexities in a t-shirt design. Therefore, keep it simple as much as you can because you would certainly not want people to work hard just to figure out what is on your t-shirt.

  • Borders are necessary:

An illustration without having a border may look unprofessional and dull. Therefore, the most effective solution here is to put a border at the edges of the illustration. You can try a simple white or black border to make your illustration look more clean, eye-popping, and professional to people. In order to make the illustration look more real on a t-shirt, you can even try a dynamic 3D effect to make the edges.

  • Focus on contrast:

Designs having high contrast are perfectly suitable to be placed on t-shirts. This is because high-contrast designs are more eye-catching and readable than low-contrast designs. And, the most preferred contrast for t-shirt designs is always the black-and-white contrast.

  • Select colors wisely:

The selection of the colors is perhaps the most vital part of a custom t-shirt design. Regardless of the printing method, the way a design looks due to the selection of colours is always a serious consideration, if we talk about its aesthetics. The overall design can be tempting to add a lot of colours to make it look more vivid. Contrarily, sometimes, too many uses of colours in a t-shirt design can make it look ugly. Therefore, the selection of colours should be done tactfully.

However, making decent designs for custom t-shirts is a laborious task. If you are looking for expert illustration designers for customized t-shirt designs in New York, you can visit Eminence System.