The success behind creating an illustration for a t-shirt gets prominent when someone wants to wear the t-shirt over and over again. For making the simple most illustration for a t-shirt, an illustrator has to follow some methods by avoiding all the minor mistakes. In this blog, the expert illustration designers of Eminence System are going to outline the 5 most commonly done things an illustrator must avoid while making an illustration a printed masterpiece. Some of these5 are obvious while others may appear to be new to you. Read on and gather the details.

The misunderstanding of size

The size of the entire illustration should depend on the size of the t-shirt. As an example, if a t-shirt is large but the chosen illustration is quite small, the t-shirt will not be presentable. Rather, the shape and the size of the illustration has to be done according to the size of the t-shirt. The misunderstanding of size can worsen the overall look of the t-shirt.

Selecting wrong placement

Wrong placement of illustration is another disastrous thing that can happen to a t-shirt. Not every illustration suits randomly on a t-shirt. For that, the place where the illustration is to be printed should be chosen properly that too before starting the illustration. According to the place, the illustration should be made.

Choosing wrong color combinations

Selection of color is one of the important factors for an illustration whether it is for a t-shirt, or for a children’s book. Choosing proper color makes an illustration picture-perfect and eye-popping. On the other hand, using a lot of colors on an illustration that is going to be printed on a t-shirt may make the illustration look clumsy and unsophisticated. Try using 2-3 colors only that too making a good contrast with the color of the t-shirt.

The poor quality of the illustration

After finishing the illustration when it is to be handed over to the client, the illustrator must pay attention to the image quality. Low-quality images cannot be printed properly and eventually, the design of the illustration will not be visible according to the expectation.

Making unnecessary complexity

Would you want to make people work hard to figure out what is on your shirt? No, Nah! Then, make the illustration simple and sober. Why create a lot of unwanted perplexities when there is nothing like that? Go simple all the time.

That is all for this blog. Hopefully, it has helped you have a better idea of the common mistakes to avoid. Yet, if there are any other queries related to customized t-shirt designs, feel free to get in touch with the expert illustration designers of Eminence System.