Eminence System, a company located in India, deals in Illustrations since 2012. Our services are for individuals or companies looking to illustrate any kind of artwork starting from children book, comic strip, game assets, character or mascot designing, tattoo design, fantasy character, portraits and caricature, etc. You can check our Portfolio.

About us

We create illustrations for our target audience online with the help of our expert illustration designers. With our dynamic team of illustrators, we try to create a professional environment for our sincere customers. Using the latest technology for creating artful illustrations, we provide what is most suitable to our customers. Bringing your Imaginations to Reality.

Fields of expertise

Our services have been in action since 2014 and we have been dealing with a number of satisfied customers. We work with both individuals and companies in a trustworthy setting in certain fields of expertise. These include Tattoo designs, Superhero characters, T-shirts designs, Comic books, Book covers, and Children’s books.

Tattoo designs

We create illustrations for tattoo design in which we provide our customers with customized tattoos. Our experts work with each individual and keep the tattoos according to their preferences. The client demands for a design, we create it with our illustrators’ team. Even if the user does not have anything in mind, our experts discuss with them a few ideas and they can select whatever they want.

Superhero characters

We create for our valued customers superhero characters in this time when superheroes craze is on top. If you want a superhero character freshly made, we can design them for you. Taking each detail, we can fashion what you imagine. Make it your mascot, your decoration, or a gift. In fact also find designs of your favorite DC or marvel characters.

T-shirts designs

We create customized illustrations for T-shirts with a variety of proposals to please our treasured regulars and potential customers. Keeping up with the pace of the latest fashions and trends, we create illustrations for T-shirts along with keeping care of the buyer’s requirements. You can find additional designs with awesome and catchy phrases, camouflage, and graffiti designs. So, if you are in need of different and cool T-shirt designs, we have it.

Comic books

We create illustration designs for comic books. So, if you are a comic book company, you can head straight to us and we will provide you with the best illustration. The exact images and pictures of the characters that you have written, we can bring them into reality by creating their exact replica by our illustrations.

Book covers

We create illustrations for books covers. For the easiness of different writers out there or publication offices, we create illustration designs for book covers in which we do justice to the content inside the book by making the cover in such a way that it complements the book. Along with this we also add a summary of the book at the back of the cover.

Children books

We create illustrations for children books by blasting a mind-blowing mixture of colors in the characters and making them a treat for the eyes. We make sure that the illustrations are attractive for children so that it appeals to them. We make sure of the color combinations and also match with the story inside.


We offer different plans with different memberships. These include our premium plan, free trial, basic package and standard package. For our regulars and fresher, we offer multiples revisions, high quality JPG file & PNG and source files at a much cheaper rate in comparison with the market.